Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Male Fashion...

For my second project I decided to attempt to design t-shirts for men. my theme was really all about everyday objects which were related to men.
These are a few of my drawings from this project. Most of my drawings are line drawings or quick sketches using different techniques such as blind or continuous line. This is because I am not a very confident drawer and feel happier using these techniques. For the colour scheme i wanted to go quite retro and I think with the colours and drawings together I have achieved this.
This was my first t-shirt design which went completely wrong :( I stupidly exposed my screen the wrong way round and my text printed backwards. for this design i was trying to create a modern placement print and from my research i found a lot of men's t-shirts had slogans and text on them. From the moment i started this t-shirt i didnt like it but i carried on regardless... printing and then stitching into it using hand and machine embroidery.
This is another design which i dont really like lol i was trying to create a modern t-shirt with a retro feel but i think the colours turned out a bit bright. The sauce bottle still gives a little retroness to it but i dont think it works as well as it should lol. I took big inspiration from Andy Warhol for this deign. I also machine stitched around some of the boxes to give a patchwork effect and used free hand machine embroidery within the design. A few disasters within this project so far lol.
This i think is my most successful design from this project. I love the bright colours against the black background and i think that it is quite a quirky design. The motif is taken from my drawing of the wires from a male shaver which i have repeated and screen printed down the sides of the t-shirt. I have also added foils and hand embroidery (satin stitch) in certain areas. I am really happy with this design and i think that it could be quite commercial.

Hope you like this project and feel free to comment good or bad... or even suggestions for improvements. xxx

All Images Copyright @ Stephanie Quinn

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