Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nancy Straughan

I was having a browse through Twitter when I came across an old college friend Nancy Straughan and WOW!!! Hasn't she done well for herself. Some of her prints onto linen are absolutely beautiful.

I think this print is amazing!!! The colours are gorgeous and the way the colours have been placed is just devine.

I love the simplicity of her prints. I love her use of silhouettes I just love love love everything about her fabrics.

Well Done Nancy...

All of Nancy's designs can be found on her Etsy shop

Final Design

This is my first Screen Printed final design. I have kept it quite minimal and only used two colours but I think it works well like this and fits into my theme of 1950's quite nicely.

Please feel free to comment on any of my designs.

All Images Copyright @ Stephanie Quinn


I have started to design a few development layouts from my drawings which could potentially become a final design.

All Images Copyright @ Stephanie Quinn

1950's Home Sweet Home

I am currently working on my final major project which I have named 1950's Home Sweet Home. This project is inspired by objects which can make a house a home. I want to re-create a 50's style pattern but still have aspects of modern day design. Here are some of my mixed media drawing pages.

All Images Copyright @ Stephanie Quinn

A Sailor's Seaside

For my minor project I decided to look at the theme A Sailor's Seaside which is all about the equipment a sailor would use when going to sea.
Here are some of my mixed media drawing pages.

Here are some images from my colour and mood boards which inspired me throughout the project.

And here are my final painted out and digital designs.




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All Images Copyright @ Stephanie Quinn