Saturday, 30 April 2011

Roma Interior Surface Design


My first project this year was to create a design for an Interiors Furnishing Fabric. I decided to choose the theme Roma and I started to mainly draw skulls and roses using different techniques and media. When drawing I tend to use blind drawings and continuous line drawings as I am not 100% confident with my drawing skills. I also sometimes prefer the way the quick, loose styles look. In these drawings I have used a lot of watercolour and Acrylic paint for the striped backgrounds.

This is my final design for my furninishing fabric. I have took the drawing of my skull and repeated it all over in circles and painted it with watercolours. Even though this design took me about a week to complete I am extremely happy with it. I think it works well and is one of my most sucessful designs.

This is my first fabric sample which I have tried to match up with my paper design. This was alot easier said than done!! For this screen print I used pigment inks and foils. Although I do like it, I think that the paper design is far better and looks more sophisticated!

This is my sampling of variations of my final design. This was the very first time I had used ordinary and illuminating discharge and I am rather pleased with the results. The skulls are printed using plain discharge and the roses are printed with a yellow illuminating discharge and printed onto black cotton. I think my design looks quite scary in these colours but I do enjoy it.

 For this third Print I decided to try out flocking which was very messy! The skulls I have printed using flocking glue and then added grey flock over the top. I have also used gold mettalic ink and pigment inks printed onto a hand dyed fabric. I am not really happy with this sample as the metallic binder blocked my screen which made my print turn out uneven :-( The flock was also messier than i thought and didn't give as much detail in the skulls as I would have liked it to.

Ooooo I was really suprised at how much I like this print. It reminds me of a tattoo design a little. I used pigment inks and gold metallic and printed onto a black cotton. I think this is my favourite :-)

This is my final collection mounted onto boards. Overall I am really happy with my design but I still prefer it as a paper design rather than printed fabric. Please feel free to comment your thoughts or suggestions :-) xx

All Images Copyright @ Stephanie Quinn

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